Please consider making a donation to the AHA Foundation in support of our work. You may send your donations by mail or use our online donations system below.

Your donations help protect the rights of women and girls in the United States from abuses such as forced marriage, female genital mutilation and honor violence.  Each gift goes directly towards important initiatives such as:

  • Strengthening laws to better protect girls and women
  • Creating training materials used by law enforcement and service providers
  • Hosting conferences to raise awareness
  • Compiling hard data on these crimes, which are not currently tracked by any law enforcement or government agency in the United States
  • Helping girls who contact us to avoid a forced marriage or escape honor violence

*The AHA Foundation will never share your personal information.  We take the utmost care to ensure all contact data we receive is completely secure.

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**Due to security procedures, there is a lag time of approximately two to three weeks before we receive donations sent in via regular mail.

You will receive an acknowledgement letter by mail with a receipt for United States tax purposes. The AHA Foundation is committed to protecting the rights and freedoms of women in the West against crimes in the name of religion and culture. Your gift will help achieve this mission.